The Guys of City Slickers!

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15″ Blue Merle, son of National MASCA and NAMASCUSA Champion

City Slickers Ranch
City Slickers Ranch
City Slickers Ranch

Reagan (Retired)

15″ Red Tri 50% LasRocosa #1 Hall of Fame Kennel bloodlines. Two Hall of Fame dogs on 3 generation Pedigree. Reagan is always eager for a job to do!


Samson (Retired)

14″ Black Tri 50% LasRocosa (#1 Hall of Fame Kennel) bloodlines, with "Hall of Fame" dog in his pedigree. Two Hall of Fame dogs on 3 generation Pedigree.


CJ (Retired)

12″ Blue Merle, 11 lbs. Son of Cujo.


Scooter (Retired)

10″ Black Tri, a 7 lbs. Son of Cujo. "Scooter and his littermate CJ were both neutered and placed in FABULOUS pet homes but remained on my website. I left them here so folks can use them as a reference when telling me the style pup they want. CJ's bite went level (show ring requires scissor), and Scooter was so small he couldn't breed my girls".


Nite (Retired)

12.5″ Black Tri, a toy son of Cujo's and Ebony's, weighs 12 lbs. He is a joy to be around and loves to cuddle. His temperament is just phenomenal, and he never meets a stranger. He greets and flirts with everyone who visits.



12.5″ Blue Merle, a Cujo, and Ebony son weighing in at 12.5 lbs. that truly loves your lap. He is kind and easy-going, and he stays out of the fray and is on the quiet side. We call him the "good fur child in the family."


Chance (Retired)

12.75″ Blue Merle, weighing in at 15 lbs. He is nicely marked and gets along with everyone at City Slickers.



14″ Blue Merle, Macho is the son of Cujo and Drew. He is a LasRocosa Meg grandson and inherited her working instinct. He goes with me to Dunkin Donuts each day, where I get coffee, and he gets 2 donut holes. He hangs out the window and orders his own at the speaker.



12.75″ Black Tri, Striker is an International Champion now. Striker is a TOY at 12.75 inches tall and weighs 17 lbs. He has a sweet temperament and passes that down to his offspring.


Magnum (Retired)

13″ Blue Merle, City Slickers Magnum is the TOY son of Hunter and Catherine, who is Drew's full sister. LasRocosa Meg is his grandmother. He is 13 inches tall and weighs 17 lbs. He has a wonderful temperament and has never met a stranger..


Sly (Retired)

11″ Blue Merle, Sly is very loving and has lovely movement/reach. Is about as good as it gets, which is visible in his action shot.. For a "teapot" size North American Shepherd (aka teapot toy Aussie) he is loaded with "type."



13″ Red Merle, This boy thinks your lap is just for him. He never takes his eyes off of me because he is the most loveable and loyal fur kid in the world. His eyes say it all…..
"Mommy, I love you!"



Blue Merle, "CitySlicker's Travolta," is a teapot toy blue male weighing 10 lbs. He loves everyone and is a son of Sly and grandson of Tide.


Copper Top

Black Tri, "Copper Top" is a 24 lb. mini son of LasRocosa Meg and CitySlicker Awesome (Cujo son). He has the wonderful personality of his parents. He is one of my agility dogs.



Red Tri, "CitySlicker Rojo," is a large toy 20 lb red tri. He is the son of Drew and Striker. His personality is wonderful and his first litter was wonderful. He is here to stay!



Black Tri, "CitySlicker’s Stunning Son of Striker” is a TOY black tri weighing 13 lbs. His mother is Waggin Tail Jillian and his father is Rimfire Striker. He loves the water and has a quiet gentle personality.


Mister City Slicker

Red Tri, “Dear heavenly father, thank you so much for making me so beautiful, and please keep me humble as I wear the prestigious name of MISTER CITY SLICKER my mommy has given me. I also pray that I make Great Grandma LasRocosa Meg
proud that I am a toy Aussie with true Aussie type”. Son of Travolta and Pam.



Blue Merle, “CitySlicker’s G. Beck” is “Palin’s” littermate. He is a small mini. He will be taking over his Dad’s place in the breeding program when Tide retires. He is 6 mos old in these pics and like his sister just blew his puppy coat. I took pics while his lovely topline is easy to see for now until his adult hair comes in!



Red Tri, “CitySlicker’s First Dude” (aka Secret) is a new young male son of “CitySlicker’s Traveler.” He is only 7 mos old in these pictures so still molting of course. He is a love bug and character who runs with his half sister “CitySlicker’s Kalea”.



Black Tri, “CitySlicker Phantom,” is a darling son of WagginTail Rugby and CitySlicker’s Rojo. He is a real character in personality. He will be a large stout toy.



LOVED and LOST Nov. 29th, 2009


A sudden rectal hemorrhage hit Cujo, and he died in my arms within an hour. Possibly he ate some toy stuffing, and his gut perforated? We have no idea but please everyone be careful with toys that have a fluffy filling. He was perfectly fine one minute and gone from our world in a blink.

My dearest youngest child Cujo, Yes, I refer to you as our youngest because you were like my fourth human child.
You were just to intelligent to live in a dog suit and spoke with our family clearer than most humans do. You worked us all like a top and Ruth Vanderhoof of Pocket Aussies in Oregon, (the #1 conformation toy breeder in my eyes) told me when she visited me that you had top notch conformation and “movement” for a TEAPOT size fur child. My first thoughts were to remove you from the website so my heart didn’t break each time I entered my own website BUT you are what made the toys of City Slickers what they are today. Your blood runs thru many of my up and coming studs/dams as your sons/daughter (Macho, Awesome and Coy), grandchildren and GREAT grand daughter continue on in your absence. Your littermate sister Jillian will also carry on here with us in a more special way than ever. I will always have a piece of you with me in them. You are now with your champion brother Mr. Pickle and your best friend Vanna (our white German Shepherd was put to sleep due to old age 3 weeks ago) and the way the world appears it may not be long before we all are joining your new wonderful life in heaven. I must accept the fact that Jesus wanted you by his side and I humbly respect that. You are now one proud teapot fur child as you sit by the world’s only TRUE King’s thrown. We will all surely see you soon but unfortunately the reality is that this pain will not leave my heart until that time comes.
Mom and Dad

An Angel’s Pedigree

He looks down upon us; As we journey in vain

Each life in a hurry; Amidst turmoil and pain

I’ll send them an Angel; To watch them and help

To lead them and guide them; as they worry about self

An Angel to love them; yet silent and still

An Angel to watch them; their lives he will fill.

He sent such an Angel; our world became crowded.

But this Angel’s mission was quietly shrouded

Our Angel connected with each passerby;

And voiced his approval; or warned us to spy.