The Gals of City Slickers!

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Meg (Retired)

15″ Red Tri, The matriarch of my breeding program is LasRocosa Meg. She was bred by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle Taylor, the author of the most sought after book on the Australian Shepherd. Meg’s ancestors go all the way back to the original Basque dogs credited with being the foundation to the Australian Shepherd. However, the Basque dogs were not large dogs and were more the size of what many refer to as the miniature Australian Shepherd of today. LasRocosa Meg is 15 inches tall and weighs 33 lbs. You just don’t find many more champion Hall of Fame Australian Shepherds in the background of miniature sized Australian Shepherds than you do in LasRocosa Meg’s pedigree.


13.75″ Red Merle Jillian wins Rarities 2003. Full sister to Mr. Pickle (International Champion 2002 and Rarities Champion 2003).


13.75″ Blue Merle 2003 Rarities Show Best Puppy 6-9 Months


CHUBBIE (Retired)

13″ Black Tri 50% Las Rocosa bloodlines Two Hall of Fame dogs on 3 generation Pedigree.


16″ Blue Merle Callie Jo is one of our Vallaha bred girls

DREW (Retired)

13.75″ Black Tri 50% Las Rocosa bloodlines Two Hall of Fame dogs on 3 generation Pedigree.

ALORA (Retired)

12″ Black Tri Rimfire Alora is a 12 inch toy with a quiet personality and your lap is her favorite spot.

EBONY (Retired)

12″ Black Tri Ebony is one of our lovely small toys. She is 12 inches tall and weighs 16 lbs. She is a very loyal little friend to me and loves to play in the pool.


12″ Red Tri CitySlicker Pamela is probably one of the more typey toys you will find. She is correct, with deep red color that the Las Rocosa lines are known for. She is almost a complete copy of her matriarch grandmother Las Rocosa Meg.

BRENDA (Retired)

12.5″ Blue Merle spayed girl.


12″ Blue Merle Sylvia at a year old so she isn’t fully mature yet. She has reached her height of 12 inches and weighs at a year old 13 lbs.


14″ Black Tri Kacie is granddaughter of LasRocosa Meg.
She is very sensitive and wants you to think she is wonderful. She is happiest when you tell her she is a “good girl”. That is all it takes to make Kacie the happiest little North American Shepherd (aka mini aussie) on the ranch.

ASHLEY (Retired)

Ashley in Blue…..Magnum’s full “Toy” sister should mature to approx 13 inches and 17 lbs.


Caitlin is Pamela’s full sister.


“City Slickers LasRocosa Meg in Teapot Aussie” loving called “LAMITA” which is the name her initials generate when you line her initials up together. She is 12 inches and 11 lbs. in this picture at just 8 months old. Obviously she isn’t filled out and her coat hasn’t come in yet but we wanted to introduce her. She is over 50% LasRocosa bloodlines and inherited a very Pyrenean Shepherd look and looks almost identical to the first registered Miniature Australian Shepherd named Spike. Only difference was he was a blue merle and she is a red merle. She has incredible “instinct” as she should since her mother LasRocosa Meg is the granddaughter of 2 Hall of Fame dogs.


“City Slickers Cinderella” Expected to mature around 12.5 inches tall and 15 lbs. This lovely pup is the great granddaughter of LasRocosa Meg. Her parents are Tide and Kacie. Therefore, here at City Slickers we have 3 generations running the ranch.


“CitySlicker’s Olivia” is a daughter of CitySlicker’s Rojo and WagginTail Rugby. She is a toy red merle with lovely awesome bone and a great personality. These are her baby pictures done at 6 months old so she hasn’t finished her molting yet but I wanted to go ahead and show her as she is growing up.


“CitySlicker’s Kalea” is a daughter of Traveler (son of Hunter and Drew) and Jillian. She is without a doubt the biggest CLOWN I have ever produced but her father is also a clown and the happiest blue eyed red tri on the planet. At 7 months old she already climbs all fences to get to humans so obviously agility class is her next stop.


“CitySlicker’s Star” is a daughter of Rimfire Ebony and CitySlicker’s Macho (Cujo son and on the mom’s side a half brother to blue eyed red tri Traveler). She is a lovely BLUE EYED black tri TOY. If all North American Shepherds/Toy Australian Shepherds had her personality our breed would be perfect.


CitySlicker’s Palin is 6 months old in these pics. She is a lovely TOY with wonderful “bone”. Her puppy coat is blown awaiting adult coat for now so you can see her great topline in her motion picture. She is a lovely daughter of Tide and Valhalla Lia. Lia is now retired from the program. Palin’s show career starts next month if she gets her molting done.